Case Study – Amy Groome

Sales manager Amy Groome’s ability to mentor and deliver great results has seen her become an incredibly valued member of Crystal Legal Services.

She has progressed many times in her five and half years in the company due to her ambition and drive. Starting as a sales agent, Amy became a team leader within 18 months. She then moved up to senior team leader to support other new team leaders. She enjoys helping others which is why she held the position as team leader for a number of years.

She was asked to become the operational manager for 12 months to help support the admin team, to implement the company values and to raise standards. But her heart was always in sales, so when the job came to an end she moved back into a senior role as sales manager.

When Amy first joined the company she wasn’t familiar with PPI. She said: “I knew nothing about it. When I started I was shocked at how many people had been mis-sold PPI and had no idea. It was surprising that so many people didn’t do anything about it even though they had the paperwork lying around and we found lots of people just didn’t know what to do.”

She thoroughly enjoys working at Crystal Legal and added: “It’s very busy, fast paced and doesn’t stay the same for long. It’s also very supportive and I have been given some great opportunities thanks to working at Crystal Legal. But I worked very hard to get to where I am.”

The benefits are great in Amy’s eyes and she is particularly pleased with the Simply Health Scheme having saved around £600 on medical costs in the last two years. The commission is also a bonus and Amy finds it incredibly rewarding. She added: “The company recognition is another highlight. It’s great to sit down in monthly meetings to celebrate the positives and to share your team’s success with the rest of the company. It’s good to hear how the rest of the business is performing and where everyone is at.”

Amy is proud of the company culture and has played a vital part in implementing the values. She added: “We have worked very hard in the last 12 months to nail down the company culture. There isn’t a single person in my team that I’m not proud of here.

“We recruit for people’s values not just for their skills, and that works for us. Everyone helps each other here which you don’t see in sales often as it can be detrimental to your own figures but it is naturally what we do and it works for the company as a whole.”

Amy maintains that Crystal Legal is very customer centric. As a whole the team believes in doing what is right for the customer. She herself admits that they could take on many more cases but they don’t if it isn’t right for the customer. They are very aware that without customers there isn’t a business, so the focus is on ensuring each person has a great experience.

Amy also oversees quality control team who help to keep the business safe and who strive to help the agents deliver amazing customer experiences and Be The Best They Can Be.

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