Case Study – Jade Hockenhull

Ambitious Quality Analyst SME (Subject Matter Expert) Jade Hockenhull has climbed her way up the ranks to earn herself a senior title at Crystal Legal Services.

Jade has progressed several times since joining Crystal Legal Services two and half years ago. Starting as a case handler, she set her sights on the quality analyst role from the beginning and now is the proud owner of the SME title, meaning she is the most experience member of her team.

When Jade joined she had concerns about PPI, she said: “I know PPI had a bad reputation for cold calling and you would see adverts on the TV, so naturally I was a little nervous but Crystal Legal Services has changed my opinion completely. It’s so different here and there is plenty of support.”

Jade also loves the benefits, particularly the car parking having had so many tickets in previous employment. She also loves the health benefits, holidays and having birthdays and Christmas off.

With a strong belief in the values at Crystal Legal Services – Trust, Doing Great Stuff, Being The Best We Can, and Working As A Team – Jade added: “We recruit based on our values which helps us to identify the people who fit well within our company culture.

“We really are a big family here. The ethos of the company is great and everyone gets on. I think people on both floors would say the same. If you walk through the door you will always be offered a cuppa and every day is different.

“It’s a great place to forge a career with, my progression in the last two years speaks to that. You get noticed here if you earn it. There are so many different departments and its always changing so if you wanted a new role, there is always an opportunity.”

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