Case Study – Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams, team leader for Support, Technical Administration Team (STAT) and the Administration department, knows there is always a place for her within Crystal Legal Services.

From joining the company six years ago, Zoe is one of the longest serving members of staff and has climbed the ladder. Originally, she was a part of the Personal Injury Department but once that ceased, Tony, the CEO found Zoe a new role as a case handler in the PPI department.

Zoe joined the STAT team and eventually applied for a Team Senior Position before finally, landing the role as Team Leader.

She comments: “When I first moved from Personal Injury I didn’t know much about PPI. It had a lot of bad press because there are companies out there that cold call. But Crystal Legal Services really is different and it seems unfair to tarnish every company with the same brush. However, I do think we are changing people’s opinions, because everyone here really cares about their clients.

“I really love working here, I have had a great journey and I have been given a lot of opportunities which I have happily taken. Crystal Legal Services offers great benefits like health care and sick pay, but it is the small things that really count, like having your birthday off and being given a birthday cake.”

Zoe feels comfortable at Crystal Legal Services and knows she is a valued member of the team.

She added: “Tony, the CEO is very approachable and friendly. He is very open and we have monthly meetings where he lets us know exactly what is going on. We all know his door is always open which is a great attitude for a CEO to have. In many places you wouldn’t even see the boss.

“The people are all great, the management team is friendly and approachable and I can’t see myself ever going anywhere else. There is a family atmosphere here and even though it has doubled in size since I started, it hasn’t lost that feel. It is a very close knit office.”

Zoe isn’t worried about the impending PPI deadline: “I think the company will continue to adapt. It is a very exciting period because I think it will be an opportunity to learn new skills and to grow.”

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